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XIM DCIM will present several dashboards and sub dashboards tailor design for you. You will be able to spot what you want to prioritize to monitor and control.

Personalized Dashboards

You will be able to access this DCIM from anywhere you are through your tablet or even your phone, you will also have an app that will update you in real time about the health of all the IT network as well as the infrastructure and even control it.

Alerts Everywhere

You will have a 3D view of your Data Center from wherever you are and will be able to spot where any issue is. If you haven’t design your data center yet, we can do it with you.

3D design your Data Center

Your old infrastructure can easily be updated. At XIM we can advise you on how to transform your old infrastructure to a modern and reliable data center with low investment.

Update your Old Data Center

Why XIM DCIM have the best solution at the lowest cost

Our DCIM solution its a self developed tool that was originally created for our products, all our data centers come with XIM DCIM included from Piccolo to Hubs. Because its a self developed tool we can adjust it for your needs.

With the modules we have developed over time you can compare us to any major brand and you will be pleased to know we have all the features you need and more at the lowest price.

If you need to know more please make an appointment with one of our experts and let’s work together and develop the data center your organization needs.


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