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Internet of Things
Smart Monitoring & Control

Monitoring and Controlling
Sensible infrastructure might save your business continuity


Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

Data Center should be managed remotely with less human interaction and  with a smart and reliable system that will prevent and advise of any trouble this sensible facility could have.

  • All systems are monitored from a single point.
  • Real time awareness of Temperature inside racks and environment inside the facility and outside of them, liquid presence, humidity level, particle presence.
  • Energy efficiency and energy control
  • PDU monitoring and control
  • Fire system monitoring and control
  • System that allows control are remotely controlled.
  • Air conditioning monitoring and control.
  • 24/7/365 control of multiple facilities.
  • Reliable system which turns into less resources required.
  • Huge Electricity savings.
  • Avoid Human error.
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Smart Buildings

Several individual systems that must be constantly controlled and monitored. Dispersed environment and with the need for modern and efficient solutions to be at the smart building level.

  • All systems are monitored from a single point.
  • Better performance of parking.
  • Liquids are detected where they shouldn’t be.
  • It is detected that the ventilation system is working.
  • Monitored fire system.
  • Power plants are monitored.
  • All systems are remotely controlled.

Precision Agriculture

It is required to monitor large areas of land to control the growth of crops and humidity can affect them.

Plantations have different kind of needs, you can be aware and have an exact control on them.

  • Thermometers.
  • Brightness Sensors.
  • Humidity Sensors.
  • PH Sensors.
  • Increase in staff efficiency.
  • Increased harvest yield.
  • Decrease in operating cost.

ATM Monitoring And Control

Best cost effective software to monitor all your ATM’s, with Geo location, money stock awareness, money quantity levels, UPS and batteries control, remote alarms, AC monitor and control and much more.

It has been possible to have information in real time:

  • Temperature inside the ATM.
  • Computer and disk condition.
  • Moisture detection.
  • Liquid spill.
  • Door openings.
  • Ticket jam.
  • Banknote inventory levels.
  • Cloning attempt.

Unlimited end-user use licenses.


Currently SCADA monitoring is the integration of GPRS systems and network technologies that use TCP/IP protocols for sending and transmitting the measured variables, with the instrumentation of a defined process to a monitoring system via WEB, where the systems supervision and monitoring that were normally carried out locally are now available for consultation anywhere with internet access through a WEBSERVER.


We have the ability to measure more than 70 different variables that impact your business, your processes and your assets.

Available in multiple frequencies, power system and various deployment schemes to fit the needs of each line of business.


Products designed with heart featuring reliable quality and balanced performance to protect your business revenue.


A professional team always standby with service spirit and quick response to support your business agility.


Fully customizable as per your requirements to build your own product solution and boost your own business.

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