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How to know when is time to invest in your own Data Center ?

Many companies that have grown without a definitive plan have had to improvise and leave a room or an office as their data center, I have seen them anyway even with leaks falling on top of the cabinets, but in truth I have also seen with false IT floors, with a robust anti-fire system, but in these efforts there is always a defect, if it is not the cooling system that they do with air conditioners for domestic use, it is an inadequate ceiling or an inefficient access system or any kind of monitoring.

I do not criticize those efforts, rather I praise them since they are signs that they want to do things well, but I always like to give an example, you do not buy a thousand dollar cell phone and you do not put coverage on it, you do not buy a vehicle of one hundred thousand dollars and it is put to save in the type of fuel, oil that puts to him or a good system of location and insurance of complete coverage.

So how are you going to have a data center that has something much more crucial than money itself?

The data!!!
Servers, balancers, switches and other sensitive equipment plus your data must be in a completely safe place.
In conclusion, if your business stops without your data, if your business is sensitive to wasting a lot of time and money if your data is not available it is time to invest in a data center.

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